About Us


Xtra Love is for a community that celebrates intellectual diversities. Xtra LOVE is an accessories lifestyle brand that provides jobs for an intellectually diverse community. Unlike traditional brands,  Xtralove.Us provides a way to show Xtra LOVE by creating jobs that will make our intellectually diverse feel valued and included with work that give them a sense of purpose and community.

 As our children with special needs “age out of the system” they have a tendency to get depressed. Once the “system” is gone, they long for purpose, routines, and community.

A mom, named Grace that had a child with Down syndrome once described our children with the extra chromosome as having Xtra love. I loved thinking about our journey the way she framed it.

When I asked my daughter’s godmother, a professional jewelry designer, to come up with a jewelry design that symbolizes extra love, she came up with the perfect symbol.  

This design very much symbolizes our journey of having a daughter with special needs. She brings us extra love and teaches us how to love, extra.

Wearing a necklace, t-shirt or applying a sticker shows the world you feel extra love through your experiences and that you too want to bring extra love to the world. Your support also employs our adults with intellectual diversities.


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