Xtra Love they Neighbor

One day when AC and I were on a walk several years ago, we saw a gal walking her dog. Ac was still so little so she quickly got away from me to go hug the back of this gals legs.
Ordinarily this we be entirely awkward.

But this gal turned around and gave us the biggest smile. I found myself saying, “oh sorry, she got away from me”

But AC knew what she was doing bc she was hugging one precious human being.

You see, this gal was the mom of Gizmo and Gizmo was a god dog living with disabilities.

So we did introductions and knew we met someone cool.

As the years went on, we found that this fun neighbor was everything you would want in a neighbor.

She’s rescued countless animals. She works tirelessly finding homes for gods.

We call her the animal whisperer and she’s also extremely good with kids. She just has a way.

Every lemonade sale or bake sale, she was there with cash.

And darn it, this pandemic has her wanting to move back to her childhood hone in California.

We will we sad a long time but I’m so grateful for all the positive experiences she’s given my kids, the examples she’s set and how hard she works doing the next right thing.

We miss Gizmo and all the xtra love she brought.

We love thy neighbor, Janelle Darsey.

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