When you life is a big gift


Just over a month, ago when I was volunteering at the Down syndrome clinic, while we were between patients and their families, we were talking about modern medicine and miracles. Our social worker went on to tell us about the Henrietta Lacks story and what she alone had done for medicine. I hadn't heard of her yet, and I was in awe.

She went on to say how the family was upset that they never knew of their family members contribution and they were very upset. Although they have every right to be,  I was kind of blown away on how much her life helped SO many others. I said, "Can you imagine your life being this big of a contributor to human kind?" "What a gift to the world", I said.

This past week as I discussed Down syndrome with others (as I often do) we commenting on how our lives had changed and grateful were were for our new perspective.  We agreed that the people with special needs that are in our lives are our great teachers. I remarked that my dad said he was praying for a cure for Down syndrome and as I almost panicked, I asked that he not do that.  

What would our world be like without the gift of our teachers that give us so much clarity and perspective?

Thank you Henrietta Lacks and thank you to all of you fine people that teach us so much about what life is truly about. Your life is a big gift to many.

Speaking of gifts.. shout out to my Xtra Love, AC. <3 



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