What emerged after a loss....

A long time friend of mine reached out to me when his wife's mom had passed. He asked me if I could paint a lily that had emerged after his wife had taken some plants from her Mom's house after she passed away and they were on their last leg. She threw them into the woods thinking they didn’t have a chance to come back to life. Just 1 short week later, they took root in the woods and started to bloom again. Her husband, my long time friend,  had had the good sense to get a picture of them just in time because a and it is a  dear had eat it the next day.  

This loss had been particularly hard because she lost her mom due to covid. It was a long story that ended so tragically because of precautions, she wasn't even able to see her. 

It was my honor to paint this for them in memoriam. I hope that it will bring them strength and remind them of the beauty of life. 

For me it's a reminder to cherish every waking moment of this beautiful life we have. 

Brad, thank you for trusting me.  Xtra Love to you and your family. 



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