We are international! <3

Somebody pinch me 😂
A couple of weeks ago I got an INTERNATIONAL inquiry about a sweet little @instadanjlevy portrait I did. It finally arrived in Canada 🇨🇦 yesterday and was received with as much enthusiasm as it was sent with.
I didn’t dream big enough y’all. I’m the biggest dreamer I know 😂
Not only do we share the love of #danlevy of #schittscreek, we are fellow moms of kids with disabilities. Naturally we are becoming besties and planning to zoom soon.
When I say do your art... this is why.
Go make magic for yourself. I’m sitting here so excited for moments like these.
I always get really excited when someone wants to buy my art. It’s still a dream. This one is a little xtra.
Thank you @fordy5k. Can’t wait to zoom with you. 💜💜💜

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