The Xtra Love she brought......

As a parent of a child with "special needs" (that I prefer to refer to as intellectual and/or physical diversities), one of the big giant worries is the school experience. How will my child be received? Will the teacher be patient? Will the kids shun my child?  The list can go on and on --- and the thoughts around the ideas of what could go wrong are worse. 

For my daughter, kindergarten has been really great. She really seems to have enjoyed herself. When I pick her up, she is sometimes giddy. She has learned so much. 

In a group on Facebook, some of the parents a year or so behind keep asking questions about how kindergarten is.  They are nervous and excited. I keep saying it's going to be great.. because my prayer is that they get an experience like we have had. I hope that  the teacher is open, caring and focuses on the abilities of the child and not what he or she is behind on. 

As the year finishes out, and the stressful teacher appreciation week is behind us (it's only stressful because I hope I truly show how much I appreciate)  it was so incredible to get the above note from my daughters teacher. 

"She brings out the kindness in all of us". 

I read this and wept. The kids and the teacher-- they get "it". They get her. The see the gift. They feel the xtra love!

My gratitude goes beyond measure. 

I am crying as I type.

And to top it all of, the teacher embellished her card to us in an xtra love kind of way-- It's PERFECT!

#xtralove #xtralovelife #feelthextralove 

Xtra Love to you!

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  • You’re killing me with this, Anna! Wow. Yes, she gets it.???

    Sherry Parma

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