The Xtra Love she brings and inspires-An xtra love story

A good friend of mine got this note from her daughters teacher recently. This is the xtra love our mutual friend Grace Snuggs talked about.

My sweet girl! And..the best message a mom could ever receive from a teacher!! 💜🎀😘🍀😊
I just wanted to send a quick little brag on how sweet Alex was on our field trip to Walnut Place Senior Center today. She was so interactive with the residents and brought so much joy to them.

One resident was confined to her bed and Alex kept telling her how beautiful she is. Alex truly made her feel special and loved.

Another resident was in a wheel chair and Alex commented on how strong he is. He thanked her for playing along, but Ms. D assured him that Alex tends to call it like she sees it, and that if Alex says he's strong, then she believes he is strong.

Alex truly is a special special girl who is enriching the lives of all those who meet her. She is a great ambassador for her generation and a world changer. I am so blessed to see her sweet face everyday. ❤️


These stories inspire us all!

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  • What a wonderful story! Our lives are all better when we share positive news like this. Best wishes to Alex.

    Sherry Houpt

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