Giving Xtra Credit where Xtra Credit is do!

There are so many that have helped me reach the milestone of a Kickstarter launch. 

Zehra Vollmer- Jewelry Designer Xtra-ordinaire (and my daughter's godmother)

Stephanie Davis- Branding  and Digital Strategy Xtra-ordinaire

Diana Souza-Graphic Designer/Visual Branding Xtra -oridinaire

Maria Then - Jewelry Consultant Xpert Xtra-ordinaire

Stacey Jemison- Visual Branding Xtra-Ordinaire

And some other friends and family also nudged me and believed in me.


There is more work, of course, but this was too big to take on by me.

I am forever grateful to everyone who helped, shared and asked questions.


Let's keep the Xtra Love going!








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