Sometimes I feel like a Start A$$

Personally I have started 5 businesses if you count my consulting/contract practice and my 1st product launch ( 1 piece of art) at the age of 10. I have wanted to start 50-100 more. LOL 

Since  I have so many interests, it is hard to get clear on what to start because there is a lot to choose from... kinda like the menu at some of these fast casual, I think they call them, restaurants. So many options and you could argue they wall would be fun. 

At a lunch meeting with a trusted advisor friend, she pointed all ---or rather called me out.. LOL 

She was asking me what is the closest to what I am already doing and getting traction with. 

Then she asked me, "what is worth staying up until 2 am to troubleshoot this venture?"

This really hit home. Where is the love at that awful time to be awake time.??.. LOL.

 I am working thru this exercise and it's leading to another start. Starting is so easy for me. Finishing is harder but in a business, you wouldn't want to "finish" anyway. 

So really, let's start and then keep going. 

Keep going and do what's in your heart to start. 

Start to live because nothing is promised. 


With Xtra everything, 


Paintress 1 of 3 


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