Signing Love

My daughter, who has Down syndrome, learned to tell us she loved us with signing I LOVE YOU. It's been some time now since she said it that way. She uses her words now (and it sounds like an angel singing). But for some reason, the night before last I was thinking about how to say love, you cross your arms in the form of an X over your heart. I kept thinking of the image. The next evening my older daughter drew the above image on a white board easel that is in our art/dining room. 

As I walked by and did a double take. Had she been in my head? Or had I been in hers? It's hard to know for sure....

They say 2 heads are better then one, but in this case, I think 2 heads are one. 

She captured my thoughts and I just love her rendering.

Full disclosure, I am biased. ; 0 )

Xtra Love to you!!!!!

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