Reflections for Texas PTA

It's a tradition for both my girls to enter into the Texas PTA Reflections contests. As a kid (and even adult) I always loved art contests. It gives you a reason to do art, it's based on a theme and it's fun to see how you compete.

AC's entry this year is called "Waves of Change" bc the theme this year is " I will change the world by"   

AC has been doing these waves and arcs for a while now so this latest one is the one we entered at her school this year. 

So fun! It's my hope that all kids who want to participate can and will. 

Art is such a great way for all kids to express themselves. They have so much to say --even if they are technically non verbal. 

AC was born changing the world..... one smile and or hug at a time... 

We are grateful 

Follow AC's art at @annacatherine_paints and purchase her art here:

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