Real. Good. News.

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 (World Down Syndrome day) the project  Xtra Love will kickstart!

Learn about crowdfunding here: Kickstarter

Here is the summary of the project:

  • The name Xtra Love was inspired by my warrior momma friend who died of pancreatic cancer. Read the story here.
  • At 2 meetings at the Board of Directors of the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, I had a physical reaction when I learned that when our kids age out of the system they get depressed. They long for purpose, structure and social activities. 
  • I learned from Howdy Homemade, an ice cream shop is Dallas that hires people with intellectually diversities (special needs), that over 240,000 people want part-time work but there are not many options.
  • When my own daughter was born with Down Syndrome, I racked my brain for an idea of a company I could start that I could employ her. If you know me personally, this is not news. ; 0 )
  • On the evening news a few years ago, I saw a model of a sewn goods business—LoopTWorks that hires people with ID (intellectual disabilities) and I was inspired again.
  • I had a vision that xtra love could be a symbol for an accessories brand that would include jewelry
  • My daughter's godmother happens to be a brilliant jewelry designer (and more Xtra magic followed)
  • Xtra Love is what the world needs right now!

The REAL. GOOD. NEWS.  is that you and everyone you know has a chance to help make this project REAL and GOOD.

When we meet our Kickstarter goal, we get to hire at least one person with unique abilities right away!

 Please mark your calendars for March 21, 2017 (World Down Syndrome Day--- a day we celebrate!!)

 Please share far and wide and if you can open your wallet, too. ; 0 )

Thank you for your support.

And because I am a proud momma the watercolor graphic I use on the website and in the background in the post was painted by my award winning daughter who has Down syndrome. I can't wait until she is old enough to legally work! ; 0 )

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