Putting yourself out there

We have a new appreciation for putting ourselves out there.. First of all, we haven't really gone anywhere in a year except to my sisters house in NC last summer and my in laws around Christmas. 

It takes courage to paint as many famous artists have noted: Georgia O'Keefe for one..... 

It takes even more courage to post it out on the social media, no doubt. But to stand before all of it in hopes buyers will walk up and leave with a purchase is a whole other realm of "putting yourself out there"..... 

We did it and it was fun. Kids seem to be drawn to our are as much or more than adults. Nothing could please me more than that!

I will blog later about the gal that had to run home to grab her watercolor so she could show me. We hope we encouraged her to "Do her art"! 

It was a great day and we are so grateful for our patrons at the little pop up market at Tietze Park in Dallas. 


With Xtra Love and Xtra Courage....... the Paintress III 

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