My sweet painting "sweater"

“Outfit of the day” is today’s art challenge prompt.
This gave me an 😂😂😂lol bc this “staple” has been my outfit of the day EVERYDAY for the last year.
My daughter @annacatherine_paints calls it “sweater” and insists on me wearing it everyday.
When I’m in the shower she puts my “sweater” on the counter so I know what to put back on 😂😂😂
If I dare try to wear anything else, I’m asked to put on the sweater 😂
I have many theories as to why but I love her attachment to it. It’s a memory to forever cherish.
And for this reason this painting is NFS ( not for sale )😂
My paint sweater will go down as my all time favorite.
Do your art. Wear a sweater.

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