My Blue Period

My sister and I were on the phone and I was telling her I just couldn't explain how I feel. But if I could paint it, it would be blue... like Picasso's Blue Period. 

Admitting I am blue feels like a big weakness. Blues of my past were masked to match party hats. One was not to feel blue because it was a sign of weakness and it could mean you are crazy. The stigmas then were so much worse than today and they are still really bad. 

I am learning to feel what I feel and let it pass through. There is nothing about the Ukraine that I can really do. Well, maybe a few. 

But it is a vibration and I feel it. It's horrifying. It's devastating. 

But as I absorb that, I also absorb a sense of hope. It's not all blue, just mostly right now. 

If you also feel blue, know I am with you. This too shall pass. 

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