May Art Challenge: Vintage

“Vintage” is today’s prompt for the May Art Challenge. I love so many things that are vintage: clothes, cars, furniture, wine vintages 😂 etc. it was fun to remember I had a little box of my paternal grandmothers beauty accessories. Along with this mini perfume bottle and box was some bright red revlon lipstick that I might also have to paint.

I set her Miss Dior perfume on a vintage scarf of hers.

It’s fun to paint on these little postcards. It helps me work out if I want to paint this big.

I want to paint this one big, get a lot of money for it, and see it over a cool black sofa.
How’s that for dreaming out loud?

Do some art, y’all.

If you want to join the challenge, my post is on my page.

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Then he said: 
  • THIS, cool black sofa, perhaps? 😉
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