Line of Thinking

This was going to be a practice of a portrait of friend I recently made that shares the journey of Down syndrome. It was going to be my second attempt. It helps me to recycle a canvas so I take the pressure off😂
This canvas has been painted on numerous times and the last time before this one, it had been a play and practice of an abstract bouquet with @annacatherine_paints left over paint.
When I painted the outline over, I was struck that I liked this as is.
The voice in my head warned that this is barely started, much less finished and it’s breaking the “rule” of putting straight white on the canvas. Plus, I’m just not sure it will understood or liked.
Are we all our worst critics?
I like it. I’m trying to get where I don’t care if you like it. I’m only concerned about whether or not I like it.
Now I took the next brave step and shared it.
Please, do your art.


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