In memoriam--a painting

This summer I was honored to get this commission of this boy I once knew. Hearing the news of his untimely death, I fell to my knees. I wasn't a mother yet but I still felt the enormity of a wonder family losing their young son to an accident.
This was so emotional for me and I poured love in every brush stroke.
I noticed the splashing water made an infinity sign so I made sure to make it more pronounced in the painting for the parents infinite love.
This painting is a prayer that the playing is still going on in heaven. 🙏❤️

This is one of a few that I have been entrusted with. It's an honor to be asked to help honor those we have lost. I will be sharing others going forward. 

It's a gift to me to be able to do this. I AM GRATEFUL. 

With Xtra Love,

Anna B 

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