Collage of Love

This is Sunday Service and this Sunday's service is an Xtra Love letters to my daughters and every daughter. 

Dear Daughters

When you feel at a loss, lean into love.

If you ever feel like you are like you are not enough, lean. Lean on your worthiness, abundance, and self love. 

There will be times you will feel so much uncertainty. That is your sign to lean into trust. 

Should you ever experience the feeling of failure, lean into bravery for trying. 

After a hard knock should you lose faith, please look for and lean into love almighty. 

For all the world is both dark and light. When you lean towards the light, all becomes right with the world for another sacred moment. 

Record your sacred moments and share them. Examples lead best. Be a great example. 

Believe you are an example of what is possible. 


With Xtra Everything



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