Bloom baby Bloom

Participating in online art challenges is what had me relauch in the first place. I love that gives a sense of purpose and a challenge for what to paint and how to paint it. It challenges the brain and the techniques. It's so fun. 

Today's prompt is "Bloom" and for me I am thinking about what it means to bloom as some say "Bloom where you are planted"  (coming from The French have a saying from the 15'th Century: "Fleuris là où tu es plantée" ). In this pandemic, we are very much planted. We barely even get out so we can protect a very vulnerable human. My prayer is that we still bloom ---even though somedays feel more like we got mowed over by a John Deer Tractor..........LOL.......

So the note here is Bloom baby bloom..... what else will you do in your room?

Have a blooming day.

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