Behind the Design of Xtra Love


When I was initially dreaming about the concept of Xtra Love, I knew just who I wanted to ask to help me with the design. It just so happens that my daughter that has Down syndrome has a seriously talented godmother. Even though AC's godmother has a jewelry design background, it was she that I had to ask because she understands well what I want to achieve. She has shown up to fundraisers with time and money and always looks for ways to support and encourage AC. 

Over the next few months, she gave me a few really cool designs but she wasn't "feeling" them yet. The designs were great but we didn't think we were symbolizing extra love just yet.  So, we decided to meet and talk more about what were trying to do.

We were having fun catching up, talking about design influences and things that inspired us. And then it was getting to be time to go. Then, just as we were packing up to leave and I looked down at a drawing she had on your sketchbook. I looked at her and said, "Wait a minute........what is THAT?"  She laughed and said this is just something I was doodling...

I took one look and said THAT is it. 

And that was this:

A couple of days later, she sent me some quick initial  sketches. I loved them right away.

With these, we went to a technical designer who did a specification rendering to have it made! 


And then we got the sweet necklace that symbolizes Xtra Love.







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