Bee 2 Bee 2 Bee for Mother's Day

Trio is today’s art prompt for the May Art Challenge so I’m going to tell a Bee to Bee to Bee story. b2b2b 😂
When I had the pleasure of working with @laurelby (see her Instagram) while Gerber Technology  I learned of her passion for bees. I learned more about bees than she did about software 😂 She gave me a renewed appreciation back then.
In the last few months, one of my besties Kanani Mahelona and his grandson were inspired to create a bee garden from a homework assignment his grandson had to do. They posted their findings on FB and urged us to create or save an unmowed space for bees. On our first mow of the season I saved a space.
Then a artist friend and neighbor 
Jen Rose
 reminded me of her really fun
Bee Cups by Jen Rose to help bees get a drink of water.
I made ( my art😂) a temporary sign for the bees so they will know they are welcome and it can remind us to:
Bee here, bee present and bee happy.
Thank you to my husband and kids for my early Mother’s Day gift.
Shop here for your very own Bee Cups 

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