Back to School

Sadly, this has been no ordinary back to school. The world has changed dramatically in the last 8 months. 

While on lockdown, the girls and I did and are doing quite a bit of painting. It helps us get through and express ourselves. 

So when a principal of a large elementary school here in Dallas purchased some paintings, we were beyond grateful for the gesture but we were ( and are) even more excited about where these paintings landed. 

The school is predominately white and this principal purchased my tribute to George Floyd called Black Lives Matter to hang in her office (squeal!)

(May god bless and keep you George Floyd and rest in peace and power) 

For her ARD meetings, she chose to include a painting that my daughter who has down syndrome painted. It's called Intergalactic Smoothie (her sister helped her name it... ) 


We couldn't ask for a better space for our art!!!!! We are beyond grateful.  

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