Honoring Grace in an honor

When Grace was very sick, I would hand paint cards to send to her. It was my plan to send one every day. Then I began to worry about overwhelming her and thinking how each second of each day was precious and would she want to open a card from someone she didn't know well. 

Clearly I gave this a lot of thought, ---maybe too much. But Grace was facing my biggest fear. She had a son who has Down syndrome and a new born baby and was facing certain death. Knowing her, brief as it was, changed me forever. 

Even when she died, she was working to help our kids. She asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be given to The Rise School of Dallas and other charitable organizations that would benefit our kids. Who knows what she would be doing if she was alive today but we can never know. It would be great though.

So when I got a vision of Xtra Love as a symbol for jewelry, I realized I might have a way to honor her and to create a company that could potentially hire our kids one day. In a way, I feel like we are doing this together. She is my guide. I feel her with me. She helps me stay focused on the purpose of the goal. 

I will probably write about Grace over and over again. I want everyone to remember her and I truly hope to honor her.

Xtra Love to you in heaven Grace Snuggs! 



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