Abstract by Anna Catherine

Since AC was in the 2 year old's classroom at The Ashford Rise School we have been answering "what will you be when you grow up?".  Although we spend our whole education years trying to find this answer, we have spent many of those years painting together. Already, AC is 2 time state award winner for her art. She didn't make it to state this year but place well regionally.  Will she be an artist when she grows up? Who knows. But right now, she is an artist and her expressions are beautiful. (Am I am biased.... 100 %... LOL) 


AC's recent water color looks like an abstract portrait to me. What do you see? 


Follow AC on IG: @annacatherine_ paints and/or See more of AC's work here: https://xtralove.us/collections/anna-catherines-original-art



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