A lesson about acceptance

When someone asked me to paint this for his wife, my first thought was “who do you think I am that I could paint this?” Technically, it is difficult and truly There are a 100 reasons why this is hard.
This is “The Last Earthly Conversation” and the timing of it at first seemed horrible.
I wanted to wiggle my way out of it.
But I also knew that I needed this for my own healing as well as for the recipient.
With every stroke I asked myself to accept. It was kinda brutal.
When I finished — and I wasn’t sure I could, I felt lighter and I’m giving in to trusting again. (Or at least I’m working overtime trying)
We all must face a moment like this with loved ones. I feel ill prepared.
Doing this was such a gift to me. I need to face this part of life with acceptance.
I’m so grateful to have been asked to do this — I love the people who asked me and I love the recipient.
Doing this work is my spiritual act of prayer and meditation.
Do what heals you.

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